We've been having fun with digital art and creating fun cute stickers you can stick anywhere! 


Quality Press On Nails


How To Apply Nails

One of our awesome clients has made this awesome how to guide for press on nails. It is a perfect way to apply and care for your nails. Please view and follow her @spookysiiri on Instagram


About Yessy's Nails

Hi, Im Yessy. I've absolutely always loved the look of nail art. Long and Short nails. But I also love to create. I love making Jewelry, scrapbooking, cards anything with vinyl and many many more things. Because of this I typically cannot wear long nails for more than a few hours at a time. Or end up messing up the nail art. 
I was looking for an alternative to spending tons of $$$ at the salon and then having to take off the acrylic nails within a week. That is when I found press ons, and because I do love to create I became obsessed with gel polishes and creating new designs. I thought, hey, why not share these with the world! And that is how Yessy's Nails was born!


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